Month: July 2017

5-Step Guide for Printing on Sweatshirts

Additional care is necessary when printing on sweatshirts, as they are not the easiest to screen print on. Avoiding seams, pockets, zippers, and hoods on the thicker, fleecier texture can be difficult. However, this guide will help you master printing designs on sweatshirts and provides the proper technique. Artwork Adjust your artwork so that the […]

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5-Step Guide to identify your Target Market

  Understanding your audience is essential in order to grow your screen-printing business. It is important to differentiate yourself from the competition by focusing on the unique capabilities that you bring to the prospective customer. Step 1: Know your Current Customer Base Profile your current customers and understand whom your business is attracting and why […]

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Tips and Tools for Screen Printing on Nylon

Background: Screen printers tend to run into problems when printing on Nylon, however there are ways to overcome these challenges. Especially with our new, innovative ink. Types of Nylon Nylon items include: jackets, banners, tote bags, brief cases, luggage, sports bras, and umbrellas. Each nylon fabric is made out of different weaves that have many […]

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5-Step Guide to Make your Screen Print Shop More Environmentally Friendly

Background: Do you want to make your shop more environmentally friendly and essentially save money, but don’t know where to begin? Reducing waste, switching to eco-friendly supplies, and offering sustainable apparel will help with not only the ecosystem, but also your wallet. Personal responsibility, customer demand, and a desire to cut costs and waste are […]

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10-Step Guide for Screen Printing with Fusion 180° Ink

Background: Do you want to save money by not having to replace garments damaged by high heat or dye-migration? Do you run into problems daily printing on heat sensitive materials? Would you like an all in one product that can print on both polyester, cotton, and 50%/50% without adding additives? If the answer is yes, I suggest you […]

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