Month: September 2017

Tips for Selecting the Right Garment

There are many different fabric types printers are charged with printing as higher end, thinner, and softer materials dominate the marketplace. Lower cure temperatures solve many of the problems that these fabrics present. Material. Shirts with higher thread counts are often softer. These shirts are easier to print because they are more tightly woven. Fabrics that […]

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Tips for Targeting the High School and College Market to Expand Your Business

High Schools, colleges and universities are prospects for screen printers. The need is clear for printed apparel and beyond. Research will enable you to target the massive college market and grow your screen-printing business. Students, parents, grandparents, and alumni are always looking for ways to show their school spirit. 1. ​Identify. Most people think they only want a garment with […]

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5 Tips for Staying on Schedule at Your Screen Print Shop

Customers want their orders completed on time and looking amazing. In order to keep customers satisfied meeting deadlines is essential. At any busy shop stress can takeover and finishing orders on schedule may become overwhelming. These tips will help keep your business on the right track. Be Honest. Knowing your business’s production capabilities and understanding […]

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How Switching to Fusion 180° Pigment Concentrate Matching System will Save you Money

Background. Our pigment based matching system is easy to use, as we have simple formulas that contain approximately 90% base and 10% pigment concentrate. Save money and switch from the Wilflex Matching System to our Pigment Concentrate Matching System. Wilflex Matching System: The system contains 16 different components. The experienced volume printer would run out of […]

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