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4 Tips for Screen Printing on Raincoats

Raincoats are made out of all different types of fabrics that repel water. Raincoats that are created for various seasons have a removable lining, fold ups are made with vinyl, and trench-coats are made with lightweight polyester, cotton or nylon fabric. Raincoats may be difficult to print with, as they contain zippers, thread, lining, seam […]

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Tips and Tools for Screen Printing on Umbrellas

Adding custom screen printed umbrellas to your screen print shop product line is an excellent idea, as this item can appeal to any client. From parents and fans who would like to show team spirit to small businesses or corporations looking to gift branded items. With our simple tips and switching to Fusion 180 Ink, […]

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4 Promotional Products to Add to Your Screen Print Shop Product Line

    T-shirts are probably the first item that comes to mind when you think of screen-printed goods, however there are far more products that you can screen-print on than you can imagine. Do not be afraid to grow your product line and think outside of the box. This will essentially help grow your business! […]

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Top 25 Fusion 180° Ink Crisp and Clear Prints of 2017

Fusion 180° Ink prints are bright, crisp, and clear on all fabrics including heat sensitive materials. The low cure temperature enables you to print on non woven bags and nylon bags without shrinking, melting, or distorting the fabric. Listed are the BEST Fusion 180° prints in 2017 on various fabrics. Bengal Tiger. The bengal tiger detailed […]

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5-Step Guide for Printing on Sweatshirts

Additional care is necessary when printing on sweatshirts, as they are not the easiest to screen print on. Avoiding seams, pockets, zippers, and hoods on the thicker, fleecier texture can be difficult. However, this guide will help you master printing designs on sweatshirts and provides the proper technique. Artwork Adjust your artwork so that the […]

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