Tips and Tools for Screen Printing on Umbrellas

Adding custom screen printed umbrellas to your screen print shop product line is an excellent idea, as this item can appeal to any client. From parents and fans who would like to show team spirit to small businesses or corporations looking to gift branded items.
With our simple tips and switching to Fusion 180 Ink, you can add umbrellas to your promotional product line, and will be able to screen print on this item without running into any challenges.

Screen Printing.

Most umbrellas are made with nylon, meaning regular plastisol based ink will sit on top of the fabric and will not bond with the material. Our low temperature ink is a perfect option for screen printing on umbrellas. You will not need to pre-heat the fabric prior to printing, as pre-heating will lead to shrinking the synthetic fabric. You do not need to use an adhesive or any additives. This means you will not have to worry about the ink expiring. We recommend to gel the ink with a flash cure unit prior to removing from the press. You will know that our ink has gelled because the print will turn from glossy to matte. You do not need to give the ink time to set, as with the low temperature the ink will have been completely bonded to the umbrella.


We also recommend screen printed transfers on umbrellas. Our ink works well as a heat transfer and you will not even need a catalyst or worry about ink expiring. Use a smaller pallet similar to make the job easier, don’t preheat the umbrella, use heat resistant tape to hold the umbrella to the pallet so that the item will not shift, and don’t use as much pressure to transfer onto an umbrella.

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